British lord resigns after ‘taking drugs with prostitutes’


A British politician resigned from the House of Lords
Tuesday after a tabloid newspaper published
footage of him allegedly snorting cocaine with
Lord John Sewel, 69, apologised for the “pain and
embarrassment” he had caused after the Rupert
Murdoch-owned Sun newspaper published pictures
of him apparently wearing an orange bra as he
chatted to two sex workers.
Scotland Yard has launched an investigation into his
actions and raided his home at an exclusive block
of flats near the Houses of Parliament on Monday
“I have today written to the clerk of the parliaments
terminating my membership of the House of Lords,”
Sewel said in a statement. “I want to apologise for
the pain and embarrassment I have caused.”
On Monday, Prime Minister David Cameron
questioned whether it would be “appropriate” for
Sewel to continue approving laws amid the “very
serious allegations” against him.
Sewel previously represented the main opposition
centre-left Labour party in the House of Lords, the
Houses of Parliament’s unelected upper chamber.


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